Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How to get Golightly hair, just in time for Halloween!

If you were planning on being Holly Golightly for Halloween, then this article comes just in time! And even if you were planning to go as Audrey, admit it: it's Audrey as Holly, right? Because that's the one costume everyone will know. It's okay, I've done that, too. ;)

Next up is an offshoot of a rather crass (but highly relevant) list from Forbes: the top earning dead celebrities. Audrey isn't on the top 13, thankfully, but she is mentioned in this video talking about dead celebrities hawking goods, and why exactly companies use old footage of well-known actors to shill their goods. Unfortunately, there are some annoying commercials in the video and you'll just have to stop it yourself after the interview is over, because it just keeps going and going.

After that comes yet another thing I want to roll my eyes at. Marni Nixon came out with a book last month called I Could Have Sung All Night: My Story. No wonder she's been making so many local commercials about her dubbing work! I'm annoyed, of course, because she's a big reason why the whole My Fair Lady controversy just won't die down, and why people, some Julie Andrews fans in particular, hold a grudge against Audrey. For the last time, she had no idea she was going to be dubbed until it was late in filming, and even recorded most of her songs herself before someone let it slip. Jack Warner had actually wanted to keep it under wraps indefinitely and not let Audrey know (though she wasn't stupid and would have realized what was happening after the first note), but it was leaked and Marni was pushing to be credited. There! And now Marni's making a new living off of being other, more famous people's voices, even though two of them (Audrey and Natalie Wood, who had both sung with their own voices in other movies) were not aware that they were going to be dubbed. You weren't the only one that was used, Marni. Get over it.

And lastly, I've added some new reviews to the site. Maybe some more picture galleries tomorrow. :) But for the time being there's a review on Barry Paris's biography, Alexander Walker's biography, Warren G. Harris's biography, Audrey Style, and Robert Anderson's novel supposedly about his affair with Audrey, After. Whew! That's it for today.

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