Monday, October 02, 2006

Someone's been busy

... on You Tube, and it wasn't me. Today I found four goodies I'd love to share:

The Charade trailer

The Funny Face trailer

And two short but very powerful clips of Audrey on her UNICEF missions. If you haven't really seen suffering people, children especially, then these two clips might be a bit too much for you and you may want to pass on these. They are very touching and shows how unafraid she was to dive into such famine- and war-torn areas for the sake of the children, but it still might be too overwhelming for some people.

Elsewhere I found a clip of Katie Couric talking about those infernal Gap ads on "Katie's Notebook." She has some particularly strong words for Sean Ferrer, which is surprising but not out of line in comparison with what most Audrey fans are saying. Watch the clip here.

Lastly, Jam! (something from Canada, I'm not sure what) has come out with a list of the 50 hottest sex symbols in Hollywood, and
Audrey came in at #39. What's nice about it is the fact that they didn't try to sex her up at all. Here's their bit on her:
Hepburn, the personification of grace, was an icon of cinema and fashion whose influence continues to resonate. One example: Not so long ago, someone tried to make a movie called Why Can't I Be Audrey Hepburn? It never got made because nobody wanted to star in it. Why? Because everyone already knows no one can ever be Audrey Hepburn again.

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