Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Audrey Hepburn daylily, humanitarianism, and more

A lot of random stuff today, just from wandering around the web. You'd think I never left the house on my days off! But first, a new page for the website. Now if you go to the index page and click on the "je ne sais quoi" graphic, it'll take you to a new page. This page was made for anyone and everyone to talk about Audrey in their own languages, along with posting their favourite picture of her. It was always my plan to have a multilingual site, and I'll work on it more once the english section is firmly entrenched, but for now there's at least some place to express yourself in whatever language you like. Hopefully other non-English speakers will come and enjoy your thoughts, and you might be responsible for making a new Audrey fan! To see the new page, click here.

Next up, I've found a new flower named after Audrey! A lot of people already know about the Audrey Hepburn rose and the Audrey Hepburn tulip (though I still can't find a picture of that one), but while wandering around I found an Audrey Hepburn daylily. It's a lovely flower:

However, I didn't know that the blooms only last one day! Hence the name daylily (or day lily, both are correct). There are numerous blooms on one stalk, but after learning that I'm not sure if it validates the $75 price tag. And there are even more expensive daylilies than that! Still, if you're crazy about flowers and have a garden of your own, it might be worth looking into. You can see more daylilies here to get an idea of the flower overall, and you can go here for ordering information.

Next up, there's going to be a special on Barbara Walters Thursday and Friday nights at 10 Eastern on ABC. It's actually about her 30 biggest mistakes, and Audrey will be in it! Apparently, they'll show footage of a bird pooping on Audrey during the interview. I guess it'd be interesting to see how she took it -- very cooly, I'm guessing. If you're interested in catching it and want more information, go here. I'd watch it just for the Audrey segment alone! Though of course they don't say which night she'll be on.

The next article isn't actually Audrey related, but I still think it's vastly relevant. It's a great article from The New York Times about celebrities and charity causes, and how it's such a double-edged sword now to be famous and "conscientious." Though Audrey wasn't the first celebrity to use their name and image for the good of others, she is often credited with kick-starting this phenomenon and it's interesting to see how much has changed since she started working for UNICEF. The article touches on Angelina Jolie's adoptions, Madonna's ruinous adoption of her own, and even the new Gap Red campaign, started directly after the Audrey campaign. Here's the link.

And lastly, something fun to end the post. I've found a great boutique online that offers some of the best dresses I've ever seen. You can peruse at your own leisure, but I wanted to point out one dress in particular, since it so closely resembles an Audrey dress:

Doesn't it look an awful lot like this dress?

The dress's page is here, and it comes from Dadadie Brücke.

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