Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Still our Fair Lady," plus "Gardens of the World"

There's a short article talking about Audrey's newfound popularity, especially with the recent Gap ads and the new Treasures book. It's very short (I've told you pretty much all that's in it already), but you can see the full article here.

Next up, thanks to the Audrey Hepburn Circle, I've found that the Gardens of the World miniseries now has their own website up! It's a very Audrey-centric site, and goes more into detail on what's in the new special edition DVD set, but the best part is Audrey's full written introduction to the original series and an interview with her about the series. All in all it's a nice site and definitely worth sharing, so click here to visit for yourself.

The last news article of the day is pretty interesting, actually. According to the New York Post's gossip column, 200 replicas of Audrey's multi-strand pearl necklace from Breakfast at Tiffany's were made and sold for charity. Natalie Portman is supposedly wearing one on the Harper's cover (though it's hard to tell, since you only see the back, just like the dress and the rest of Natalie), and the proceeds went to City of Joy, the same charity that stands to benefit when the B@T dress is sold. Someone's doing well this year! Click here to read the whole story. Below is a high definition picture of the Harper's cover, minus some of the annoying text:

Has anyone seen any alternate pictures of Natalie in the dress and necklace, preferably from the front? It's sort of annoying that they've only shot her from the back.

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