Monday, November 06, 2006

"They All Laughed" review, more ideas for Gap-style ads

There's a pretty modest review of They All Laughed here -- I like how the rating is "polite applause" -- but it does give a good background on the movie and make me more curious to finally see it myself.

The next article up is actually pretty random throughout, but about three-quarters of the way down it suddenly talks about Audrey's Gap ads and gives ideas on how to incorporate other classic movies into commercials. Some of it is pretty funny, and since it's still slow news, it seems worth sharing. Scroll down until you find the paragraph that starts with "Several months ago" and go from there. Click here to read it. And lastly, I guess the Taschen book Audrey Hepburn: Taschen Movie Icons is out. I say "I guess" because an exact release date was never given, just November 2006. And the Amazon page says it will ship from 1-3 weeks for the US, maybe the same for Japan. It's still not available in Canada (in French), though, and apparently not available in the UK (though they can now get Audrey Hepburn: The Paramount Years, lucky beasts!), and is already available in France.

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