Thursday, November 09, 2006

a verdict on Harper's, a hint at the next photo gallery

There's an article critiquing the November issue of Harper's Bazaar (the one with Natalie Portman in Audrey's dress) here. While the author says good things about the dress and Natalie's short article, she doesn't much care for the rest of the magazine. The reason? The women in it are too thin. Thankfully, she doesn't cast blame with Audrey, but still, it's a glossy fashion magazine -- what were you expecting?

We also have a new submission to the lookalikes page, which you can see here. Don't forget that the lookalikes is totally run by you, the fans, and I don't submit any of my own. So if you know of an actress or other well-known person that resembles Audrey, send your suggestions to us! There may be voting on the lookalikes soon, to rate which ones look the most like Audrey . . .

And lastly, to make up for my spotty updates the past few days and the lack of any good news, here's the Roman Holiday documentary from the special edition DVD. It's very fun to watch!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

*edit* At Ankit's suggestion, I've updated the Moon River Wikipedia entry to properly reflect the Huckleberry Hound reference. I've also taken the liberty of linking Audrey's Wikipedia page to this site, because it couldn't hurt. :) I would have done it sooner, but I thought it was a lot harder to update than it really is.

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