Friday, December 15, 2006

Audrey at a theatre near you; Edie Sedgwick and stencils

First up, a few theatres in America have been publishing their upcoming attractions on line and making it into Google news, so you might be able to catch Audrey on the silver screen soon!

San Diego's recently renovated North Park Theatre will be running a film festival called "Fabulous Faces of the Fifties." Audrey is, of course, one of those fabulous faces, and if you're in the area, Roman Holiday will be playing January 11-14. For more information, go here.

At the end of this month -- December 29, to be exact -- the Paramount in Ashbury Park will be playing My Fair Lady. They're actually going to be showing quite a few good movies this month, including Cabaret, so if you're in the New Jersey area, definitely check it out.

Next up, I'd been looking for some Audrey-related crafty goodness to share, but there aren't many really good things to share. I did, however, find a stencil website with some good Audrey stencils free for the taking, so if you want to add a little Audrey to your walls, t-shirts, or the sidewalk*, click here.

*Note: we don't condone grafitti here at Fab Audrey, but we are based in a city where grafitti is held as a valid artform, and Audrey stencils are found throughout the city. So if you live in an open-minded place where public works of art on public property are treated as such, then it's your call.

And speaking of stencils, have you always wanted Audrey's thick, exotic eyebrows but were unsure of how to go about it? Never fear, there are eyebrow stencils for that! With the stencil, you can either brush in dark powder to darken light brows, pencil in brows in a particular shape, or use the stencil as a plucking guide to shape your brows. Here is the page with Audrey's stencil and the Sabrina-era picture of her which inspired the shape, and the bottom of the page has a link to directions on how exactly this thing works. It's not a bad idea, actually!

Speaking of thick eyebrows, Edie Sedgwick and the upcoming film about Edie, Factory Girl, has been popping up a lot lately in conjunction with Audrey. If you're not familiar with Andy Warhol and his art and the Factory, this might take some explaining, but you're better off just doing some quick reading and coming back. So Factory Girl is about Edie's work with Andy Warhol and her supposed relationship with Bob Dylan, which he denies to this day, though he is renamed in the film for fear of being sued -- which is happening anyway. While I still don't know a whole lot about Edie, she was compared a lot to Audrey in her day and even now, with people saying that Edie had Audrey's vulnerability and charm. If this makes you curious about Edie or the film, I definitely encourage you to learn more. You can read a little more at the IMDb page for the film, which even references Holly Golightly, and you can see the trailer here.

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