Friday, December 29, 2006

the Audrey Hepburn chocolate bar

Thanks to chipmunkalvyne of The Audrey Hepburn Circle for discovering this tasty treat: an Audrey-themed chocolate bar!

I haven't been able to find much information on it yet, so I wonder if the chocolate is Belgian or Swiss. ;) If you can't make it out on my resized picture, there's a glamour quiz on the wrapper, which tells you how glamorous you are (or aren't), and how to act accordingly. I'm embarrassed to tell you my results, so I'll let you just take the quiz for yourself. Results can be found here.

The National Trust's Fox Talbot Museum will have an exhibit on the art of the portrait, and Audrey's face will be featured! While the article doesn't have a whole lot of information, it does say that Cecil Beaton's photography will be featured, so more likely than not, Audrey's images will be the My Fair Lady set shoots she did with Beaton during lunch breaks. If you're in the area and would like more information on the museum and exhibit, you can find hours and fees here.

Lastly, some Washington Post writers came up with their top 10 lists for the Best of 2006: Music. Surprisingly, AC/DC's pairing with Jo Stockton's modern dance from Funny Face made the first list at #5! You can see the rest of that list, along with the other writers' lists here.

Update: The sharp-eyed Lotta found that the chocolate is indeed Italian.

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