Thursday, December 07, 2006

speculation on the new owner of the Little Black Dress

The identity of the winner of the Christie's auction still hasn't been revealed, and speculation is rife over who could have possibly won the dress. While a non-famous person won the famous Ascot dress from My Fair Lady a few years ago, everyone seems convinced that only a well-known European could have won the dress. The only information Christie's will release about the telephone bidder is that they were European, not even giving a sex to the winner. Daily India seems pretty convinced that one of two famous footballer wives has won the dress; either Victoria Beckham or Coleen McLoughlin. While Victoria's publicist says they have no idea whether she was involved in the bidding, that hasn't stopped people from guessing her to be the lucky winner. And they also believe that she would have the nerve to wear the dress, too! At 24" (61cm), the waist of the dress is a little more accomodating than Audrey's earlier measurements of 20" (50.8cm), but people are still incredulous anyone could fit in that dress. Seems to me too many people have been wearing it! It was even being worn by a model during the bidding (see below).

Thanks yet again to the lovely Lotta, there is some video of the auction to share with you. This clip from the BBC was filmed live during the bidding, and it is actually very exciting to see. You can feel the tension in the room once bidding got to £350,000. If you'd like to see more videos about the auction, or videos from before the auction, simply go here. There are some great, informational newsclips there for you.

Next up is a really fantastic article on the City of Joy charity, the recipients of the £410,000 the dress raked up. Apparently Dominique Lapierre, the founder of City of Joy, is one of the nicest, most kind human beings you could ever find, and if Audrey were around for this auction today she couldn't be prouder of how things turned out.

Last up for tonight is a great article about the Holy Three of women's fashion: Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. Each woman fit a different niche in the fashion world, and none of them can be replaced or replicated. All in all a really great article, and it nicely points out the difference between fashion icon and trendsetter. Read more here.

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