Tuesday, January 30, 2007

more pictures for your viewing enjoyment

While Audrey Hepburn news may have suddenly come to a halt, there's still plenty to look at here. Today I've uploaded four new picture galleries for you! First is a gallery of various pictures taken throughout the 1960s, from magazines, fashion shoots, candids, etc, 81 pictures at this point. Go here for the pictures.

Next is a gallery of Roman Holiday photos. There are 57 candids, photo stills and publicity shots to be found so far (because more are always coming in!).

After that, we have 36 Paris When It Sizzles stills, publicities and candids for your enjoyment, which you can find here.

And lastly, a gallery with 42 photos of Audrey with first husband Mel Ferrer. Since there are so many pictures of her with her immediate family I thought it would be nice for each family member to get their own gallery, instead of just lumping it all together in a family gallery. So first in the installment is photos throughout Audrey's relationship with Mel, which you can see here.


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