Sunday, May 13, 2007

Audrey Hepurn tulip dedication ceremony

For those of you who either don't own or just haven't seen the new Gardens of the World DVD set, there is a bonus disc filled with outtakes and other goodies. One clip in particular is worth it alone. It's the official dedication/unveiling of the Audrey Hepburn tulip, a lovely long-necked white flower. The ceremony took place on a rainy day at Huis Doorn, the manor house that used to be owned by Audrey's family before the war. I don't want to spoil it for you, but you should definitely watch if you want to see Audrey speaking her native Dutch:

Also from the Gardens bonus disc is a short interview Audrey did on camera (in England?) about her work with UNICEF and how strong and flexible children are in general. It's a short clip at one minute, but very sweet and informal.


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