Friday, May 11, 2007

My Best Friend: Audrey Hepburn continued

Last month I posted about a new BBC biography series called My Best Friend, and how Sean Hepburn Ferrer had filmed an episode about his mum, Audrey Hepburn. Beaker from L'Ange des Enfants was kind enough to send me a copy of this, and I've just finished posting it to You Tube for everyone to enjoy. :) If you live outside of the UK then chances are you haven't seen this biography yet, and I highly recommend that you do. Not only does it give you yet another side of Audrey, but we see more of the elusive Sean. The program seems to have been filmed at his house in Tuscany, but it also shows new footage of La Paisible, Audrey's wonderful home in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. Sean is very open about his relationship with his mother, and talks quite frankly about his parents' divorce and what went wrong. It's the most I've ever heard on the subject, and it gives a lot of insight to both Audrey and Mel Ferrer that most people either never got or seemed to have missed entirely. All in all, it's a lovely biography with fascinating content and great pictures, a good way to spend half an hour.

While the You Tube clips came out rather nicely, the original is far better without all the compression. I'll be posting the full show -- not chopped into three pieces -- on the website shortly, along with some other You Tube videos. I'm also working on getting some great Audrey clips that I only have on videotape uploaded to the computer to share as well, so keep checking back!

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