Friday, June 22, 2007

another Audrey Hepburn double feature in San Francisco

The Castro Theatre in San Francisco started 2007 out right with an Audrey Hepburn double feature, and it's continuing what it started by having yet another back-to-back Audrey double feature in July. This time they're screening Funny Face and My Fair Lady (along with The Wizard of Oz) as part of a triple feature called "Classic Musical Fashion." All three films will be preceded by special guest hosts, and audience members are encouraged to dress up!

Funny Face will be introduced by Jim Van Buskirk, who is labeled as a Hepburn Expert on the Castro's website and most definitely a film expert.

My Fair Lady will be co-hosted by Jan Wahl and Donna Sachet, and there will be a Night of the Fabulous Hat competition. So dust off your flying saucer hat and glue some false flowers on and enter yourself in the competition! Stay for the film while you're at it. ;)

Magically enough, admission to all three of these films is just $12.50 for adults, $8 for children. If you're planning on being in the Bay area around July 29, definitely book yourself some tickets! And if you haven't any plans, maybe you should consider a little trip to San Francisco. The fun starts at 1pm with Wizard of Oz, then a quick break before Funny Face starts at 4, and My Fair Lady kicks in at 7. It sounds like it will be loads of fun and a great way to introduce some friends to the magic that is Audrey Hepburn films.

P.S. Again, apologies for the sporadic updates. An ongoing computer problem has been fixed, and hopefully that will mean business as usual for all of us.

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