Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ralph Lauren and Audrey Hepburn

During her later years in life, Audrey Hepburn gave Givenchy a break and started to dress more casually. For her Gardens of the World series, and for her numerous UNICEF trips, she favoured Ralph Lauren's stylish yet casual Polo shirts and khaki pants with Keds flats to get her through the day. She became quite chummy with Ralph as well, and even presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award (through the Council for American Fashion Designers, left) in 1992.

Now Lauren has released a new coffee table book, Ralph Lauren, and Audrey's speech about Ralph's work is featured as the forward. At about 500 pages it's quite the coffee table book, but everyone seems to love it so far. The elusive Ralph Lauren himself was even onhand to sign copies this past week in New York. You can read more about Lauren's work and the book here, if you'd like.

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