Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wait Until Dark Soundtrack

Since it's practically Halloween already, I'm going to talk about a great scary movie, Wait Until Dark. It was Audrey Hepburn's last film before retiring for ten years to focus on her children and family, and the last film for which she earned an Oscar nomination. It's also the last film of hers that was scored by the fantastic Henry Mancini, who wrote "Moon River" for dear Audrey. This soundtrack was a huge departure for Mancini, who usually does what would now be considered as lounge or soft pop music. Unfortunately, the soundtrack was never officially released, so it's impossible to find. It was never on vinyl, sadly, and was never on CD ... until now! After searching high and low for this, there seems to be only one place that offers the Wait Until Dark soundtrack.

Film Score Monthly offers a rare or never before released soundtrack every month with their magazine, and each album is a limited run. Through the
Screen Archives Entertainment website you can buy your own copy of the soundtrack, sans magazine, for $19.95. It's a limited press of 3,000 copies, so this definitely won't be around forever! It's a shame I didn't think to look sooner, because the soundtrack would have been a great addition to your creepy Hallween music. Well, there's always next year. The picture at top left is the cover of the soundtrack, very scary. You can read more about the soundtrack and Henry Mancini here, as well order your own copy and even preview some tracks from the album. This might be the only chance we ever have to own this soundtrack! I've already ordered my copy.

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