Tuesday, October 02, 2007

yet another Japanese tea commercial featuring Audrey Hepburn

I've already posted three Japanese tea commercials that feature a digitally added Audrey Hepburn encouraging a young woman to be her beautiful self (and drink some tea while she's at it). Maybe it's the foreign novelty of it, but these commercials seem to offend a lot less people than the polarizing Gap commercial did. Anyway, these commercials always take scenes from Roman Holiday and subtly warp Audrey so that she's holding a bottle of tea. Sometimes she's colourized to fit in with the modern women, and sometimes she's left in her original black and white. This latest commercial falls into the latter category, and in this one she speaks! Unfortunately I'm not able to embed the video for this one, so you'll have to click here and watch for yourself via YouTube.

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Dr.Gray said...

Audry Hepburn is quite popular in Japan even today. But the generations that these tea companies are advertising to see her as a pop icon. Similar to the James Dean thing here.