Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gifts that give back

If you haven't already started, I know you're already at least looking for gifts to start buying for your friends and family for the upcoming holidays. While there are literally billions of things you could get someone that would be a great gift, how about a little something that keeps on giving? More and more, companies are making products that are not only pretty and useful, but they're made by people in need with the proceeds going to help them, or a product is sold through a charity with the purchase price going towards a certain goal the charity has in mind. Newsday.com has a great article up talking about some of these double-giving presents you might want to consider.

What great things are mentioned on this list? Why, the Audreybags, of course! Handmade in the classic Italian style, the handbags are exclusive, posh, and do something that would make Audrey herself proud: help children in need around the world.

Another great gift for a special lady in your life would be a sterling silver snowflake charm from Tiffany's, with 25% of the profits going to UNICEF. Ooh, another great Audrey-themed gift! And that little blue box will be sure to stop some hearts.

There's lots more on the list, including handmade goods from Rwanda, luscious bath & body sets, and more jewelry, so take a look around and see if you can't find the perfect gift that will not only make your recipient happy, but make many people you've never met happier and healthier.

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