Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hello again

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good holiday, if you celebrate anything. If not, then I hope you enjoyed a day off to laze around in your pajamas all day. :) I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, I was silly enough to try and work two jobs during the holidays. Hit me with a fish the next time I get that ridiculous idea in my head! Thank you for your patience yet again, and here's your bit of post-holiday news.

Christie's had yet another film memorabilia auction on December 19th, but it didn't really seems to make any major news outlets, at least not that I could find. This was very surprising! But here's all of the Audrey Hepburn specific autions for you, since that's what we're interested in:

Lot 0078: a batch of 15 magazines featuring Audrey on the cover, all from the 1950s. The estimated going price was between £400-600, but was actually sold for £312. (That's still a whole lot, though!)

Lot 0079: Sheet music for Moon River, signed by Audrey Hepburn. The inscription reads, "To Al, best wishes, Audrey Hepburn." While the estimated selling price was between £400-600, the final bid was for £1,680!

Lot 080: A knee-length coat and a cream-coloured dress, both made by Givenchy, which Audrey wore in the film Charade. In the Criterion Edition of the film in the commentary, screenwriter Peter Stone mentioned that his wife and Audrey Hepburn were the same size (though Audrey had bigger shoulders), and he would take the clothes that Audrey didn't want for his wife to wear. These two items were taken for Mrs. Stone and are now being sold by her. The estimated selling price for these two items combined was between £10,000-15,000, and the actual selling price was £14,400. Whew!

Since the sale of these particular items didn't make the news, I don't think there's any way of finding out who bought the dress and coat. Whoever it was, they've got a good deal! Unlike the sale of the black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey definitely wore this dress and coat. I hope the new owner(s) wouldn't mind putting it on display for some of us to see, too.

P.S. I was right about which dress would be sold, too!


Jordan said...

hi there and happy holidays!
thought id share some exciting tidbits, i got the holly golightly sleep mask for christmas, lol.
also, the website,
has the entire original breakfast at tiffany's soundtrack up for download for free. its the very very original too, the only ones being sold now are only fifteen tracks long and have been remastered, but this is the real deal, it even offers moon river sung by audrey and my favorite, the moon river cha cha cha! check it out, im very pleased with it as well as the singin in the rain sountrack, frank sinatra, marilyn monroe and judy garland i got from the site.

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

Excellent! I love that site. Thanks for all the fab tips, hon. :)

Lady N said...

oh I love that coat!

Ankit said...


Season's Greetings to you...


Tay Tay said...

Welcome back! I hope you had a SPLENDID holiday! I just wanted to point out that I absolutely LOVE the picture of William Holden and Audrey from the movie "Sabrina". Is there a chance I could get that exact picture on a poster? Thanks for all you do, and if you don't have the time to look, it's PERFECTLY Ok! Thanks as always!