Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Audrey Hepburn, Boho icon?

Thanks to lovely reader Michelle, who wrote in to tell about a new magazine called Boho. It's apparently an eco-conscious fashion magazine -- or is it a fashion conscious eco magazine? -- dealing with the boho style while encouraging its fashionistas to go green, and features green and sustainable products. In the back of the magazine they also have a Stylish Girl section, and the first lady they feature? Audrey, of course! According to Michelle, it's a Breakfast at Tiffany's picture, and features Audrey's favourite poem, "Time-Tested Beauty Tips." Michelle has been a life-long fan of Audrey's since the very beginning, and says: "It's so nice to see her appeal still for young women. I work in a store that carries a lot of Audrey books, and they consistently fly off the shelves, How to Be Lovely being number one." That is nice to see, and to hear that a book on how to be a better, more gracious person is a best seller. The world needs more people like that. Thanks so much, Michelle! Keep an eye out for that magazine the next time you're out, folks.

Well, that's all for today. I volunteered on election night last night and I'm still knackered out. Everything went smooth as clockwork, but all that history in the making is really draining emotionally! I wouldn't have traded it for anything, though. :) Have a loverly day, everyone, and be sure to look for that magazine! Here's a link to their website (which features coupons, for some incentive).

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