Monday, November 10, 2008

Dangerous Curves

Did anyone catch the Simpsons last night? I usually don't watch TV of my own accord, but I was over at my sister's when it was on, and I'm so glad. The whole episode was an homage to Two For the Road! One of my absolute favourite Audrey films, so beautiful. While they didn't get the rights to the film's music, the soundtrack on the show was very Mancini, and very true to the feel of the film. It was interesting to see the Simpson's family history worked into the TFTR story, and I like how they still kept some of the imagery from the film, especially the ending. If you missed it, or would like to see it again, you can view the full episode on Hulu (link goes straight to the episode). I'm not sure how long it will be up, since I'm fairly new to American websites sharing TV shows (I usually have to use these crazy Chinese sites), but if it goes off or you need to look it up elsewhere for any reason, the episode is called "Dangerous Curves."

Speaking of the film, though, when I was looking for a picture to post, since I'm lagging and haven't posted any of my own yet, I found an album called "Two For the Road" by the producer of Nouvelle Vague, a favourite of mine. The album has the same basic feel of the film, charting a couple's relationship emotionally and geographically, though with modern music. They made a video for the title track, and it's all footage from the 1967 film. So even if the style of music isn't your cup of tea, just enjoy the visuals.

Two for the Road

I really wish my copy wasn't in storage right now! I'd love to watch this again.

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Singora Dotti said...

Yeah! I saw that episode! I wish they could have worked in more of the theme though. It wasn't very funny, but cool none the less!