Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being Audrey, in more than one way

Hello all. Thanks for being so patient as I fell off the face of the Earth (yet again). Without going into too much detail, the economic crisis has mucked up my life and I'm afraid I must spend the majority of my time trying to make ends meet until things improve. So I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but thank you for being loyal and hovering about, waiting patiently for more news.

Just now I received a letter from a lady named Michelle, and she has some interesting information that New York Audrey fans will love to hear, I'm sure. I'll just copy and paste Michelle's words, since they say everything that needs to be said so well:

Being Audrey is the story of Claire Stark, the new York woman who has it all: a beautiful life, marital and social bliss, and a view of Tiffany's from her Fifth Avenue apartment. When calamity strikes and her fairytale world threatens to collapse, Claire seeks refuge in her imagination, where she embarks on a hilarious, romantic adventure inspired by the films of her heroine, Audrey Hepburn. As Hepburn's character in the classic films Roman Holiday, Funny Face, Love in the Afternoon, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany's, Claire's fantastical escape appears complete until she must confront the reality of what she stands to lose. Being Audrey celebrates the variety of life and the themes embodied by one of America's most beloved and enduring movie stars. Music and lyrics by Ellen Weiss. Book by James Hindman. Developed with and directed by Jack Cummings III.
Being Audrey will be performed at the Connelly Theatre at 220 E. 4th St. New York, NY. Tickets are $45 for reserved seats, $38 for general admission. Reservations can be made with our General Manager, Michael Coglan, at or (212) 564-0333. Please visit our website for more information,

Sounds interesting, no? Maybe it sounds a little like something we're all guilty of at some time or another? I'll admit to stopping at the Tiffany & Co. in San Francisco a few times and just peering in the windows when I still lived up there, and doing some other Audrey re-enactments to entertain myself. If you live in the New York area or will be in town between March 27th and April 26th, the show's run, then try and check it out! You can't visit New York and not take in any live theatre. That's just . . . wrong.

Speaking of having your own little Holly Golightly moment, someone else was caught having her own moment. Though while people like you and I do it quietly, maybe on the way to work or while wandering downtown, Jennifer Love Hewitt called the paparazzi to document her trip. Apparently this was her 30th birthday celebration, but so far I haven't read anything positive about it. Perhaps everyone's tired of her on and off Audrey fandom? Either way, here's a picture or two, you can make up your own mind:

I'll stay mum on this, but once and for all, I'd like to know what this girl has against Wayfarers! She didn't use them in The Audrey Hepburn Story and she's sporting Jackie O's here. Wayfarers are really hot right now, and personally, I love my pair. What's so wrong with them? They're classic! And very Audrey.


Vanessa said...

"Being Audrey" sounds interesting, I wish I was in NY. Maybe they'll have future shows in LA if it's a success?

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

Oh, that'd be nice. I'd definitely see it if it was out here! Maybe we could start up a petition for them to take it on the road. :)

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Don't fret darling...all my bloggy friends are dropping their blogs in favor of trying to make ends meet! They are dropping like makes me so sad.

I would love to see that theatre play! :)

I don't like what Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing. I mean...would Audrey Hepburn walk around dressed up exactly like someone else? I want to go out and be a legacy on your own...not dress up like other people!

I appreciate Audrey Hepburn for who she was, and I don't think she would go around "spoofing" (for lack of a better term) another person. It's not classy. No.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I can't believe she had the nerve to CALL THE PAPARAZZI. That's really pathetic. She just can't seem to accept the fact that she's nothing more than a B movie actress.

Instead she has to desperately cling to Audrey so that us Audrey fans will take notice.

Good or bad, attention is attention to her. Unfortunately she has to drag Audrey into it.

But she does have a new move called, 'Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber'. Believe it or not, there are so many allusions to B@T. She says "darling" all the time, and the thing is about a girl trying to find a rich husband.

When will she just LET IT GO? But, if I had her money I have to say I would probably do that to!

Stanton & Rubi Jones said...

i wish she would have at least done her hair.

JessicaJ said...

I can't stand JLH. Why is she even newsworthy anymore? When she called, I would have said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

signora dotti said...

By the look of those pictures maybe she should skip the bagel. If she really wants to be like Audrey.

maggie said...

uggghhh. why oh god why did she dress up like holly golightly? we get the fact that you played audrey hepburn (still think that winona or natalie should've played her) in that pathetic excuse for a "audrey bio movie", but do you have to relive it whenever you get a chance? also the fact that she called the papps to take pics of her acting like aud. WOW that's not desparate. i guess it's cute if you're a 4 year-old and in love with B@T'S or if you're at a halloween party, but if your 30 years old and prancing around LA acting out the whole scene in the movie, are you serious? i wish that some people would just leave audrey to audrey and appreciate her and her movies, instead of trying the become the "next audrey"