Sunday, October 08, 2006

Breakfast at Tiffany's pictures!

I've been slaving away for the past two days to bring you the latest FabAudrey creation, the Breakfast at Tiffany's screengrabs page! Yes, I screengrabbed the entire movie -- and trailer -- and then cleaned up each and every picture so that they looked their best before posting them for you. Please be patient if the page takes a little while to load, since there are over 900 pictures in that gallery. I hope you enjoy them! And please, if you ever come across any glitch in any part of the website, report it so it can be fixed ASAP. Thanks, and enjoy!

Okay. I try not to link to . . . how shall I say it? Stupid things? on the site, quality over quantity and all that, but I get the feeling that people might nag about this one. So apparently Andy Dick did a parody of Audrey's Gap commercial for the Jimmy Kimmel show, and it's up on You Tube. First, for the people who haven't seen it (all two of you), the original ad:

And now the parody:

Try not to read the comments under the original ad's posting, because it's just a bunch of ignorant people mocking Audrey's dancing. Not worth responding to. :) And hopefully this is the only parody I will ever post, because I try not to give that stuff much attention. There are better things to look at.


Ankit said...

saw your screenshots... simply AMAZING... your site makes my day :-)...

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

Thank you very much! As long as someone enjoys it, it's worthwhile. :)