Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jay Leno, the Festa Internazionale di Roma

If you've searched through You Tube lately for Audrey clips, then you know how many parodies are popping up of the Gap commercial. I've only posted one so far, with misgivings, and I feel the need to post another (with misgivings). Apparently Jay Leno got on the bandwagon (a bit late) and made his own parody of the commercial, and it's pretty . . . well, disturbing. See for yourself:

But on to better news, Rome is kicking off a new film festival right now, and while the original article mentioned Roman Holiday, it's not playing at the festival. Robin and Marian, however, is playing twice during the 8-day festival, once on Monday and again on Thursday. They're actually showing a huge amount of fims from all different time periods, and it's interesting to see what the line-up is, so here's the link straight to their program list. The official site for the festival is here, if you're interested. (Site is in Italian and English) Sean Connery is also at the event for a few days, but there's no special panel set up for Robin and Marian, alas. :(

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