Friday, October 13, 2006

Rare German Audrey stamp sold for a fortune

If you've been an Audrey fan for a while and can stretch your mind waaaaay back to January of 2005, then you might remember hearing about a few very rare German Audrey stamps that had surfaced. They were supposed to be a mass release, but Sean and Luca objected to the image that was chosen (Audrey as Holly Golightly, posed with her signature long black cigarette holder) after millions of stamps were printed. All but 10 stamps were destroyed, and the surviving 10 had been stolen from the post office's archives. It seems that 3 have surfaced, and one just sold as U.S. auction for $66,500! Here's a photo of the stamp:

It's a shame that Sean and Luca did reject these, since many people have said that they liked this design much better than the U.S. version, where she looks more than a bit sad. And you can't even see the cigarette . . . For the full story, click here.

Lastly, I have to wonder why people are really just now starting to write a lot about the Gap commercials. They're over! Gap has moved on to bigger and redder things. All the same, here's yet another article on the trend of digging up deceased celebrities to shill products, and a handy match-up guide so that future ad campaigns won't exhume the wrong body.

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