Friday, October 20, 2006

When all is said and done, Audrey came out on top

I found a really nice review of The Audrey Hepburn Treasures (though it's mislabeled as The Audrey Hepburn Treasury -- is it a bank?) which talks about Audrey's life compared to her peers' lives. She has by far had the closest to normal life and the less sensationalistic, and really, that's a better role model than you can find most other places. The full article can be found here, and inside the article is a link to a long excerpt from the book, both courtesy of Australia's Courier Mail News. If you don't want to read the review and just want to see the excerpt, click here.


Ankit said...

It is easy to forget how important grace, class and good manners can be and how much allure they can add to a personality. The article mentions Paris Hilton once and how the likes of her could learn from Audrey.To say the truth, grace and class cannot be learned at 20. It has to be ingrained from the start. I am afraid, the Hiltons and the Lohans and the Spears and the Olsons do not really stand much of a chance now.

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

No wonder my grandmother used to nag me at the dinner table when I was eight . . . :)