Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Winona Ryder is Audrey "with a crack," women blindly hate the word skinny and Audrey for selling it

I thought this little gossip excerpt was funny, so I'll share it. Apparently Winona Ryder has a new film coming out called Sex and Death 101, and the director was asked why he chose Winona to play a psychopath. Below is the whole blurb, since it's short and funny:

Director Daniel Waters explained why he cast Winona Ryder in his forthcoming flick “Sex and Death 101.” “I needed a psychopath who was sweet, warm, and funny — and that’s basically Winona,” Waters told the new issue of Elle. “She’s like an Audrey Hepburn that’s been dropped off the table and has a crack in it.”

And if you really must see the source, it was taken from the very bottom of this page.

This next bit never ceases to get under my skin. I should have known it was coming when Gap decided to name their product "Skinny Pants" and stamp it over Audrey's exuberant face, but I somehow didn't think the backlash wouldn't be this big. Lots of women are complaining over "skinny" clothes. They say it's only flattering to a small percentage of model-like unreal women, and doesn't work on 98% of the population, aka Real Women. But the last time I checked, Real Women came in all sorts of shapes and sizes and were all unique. Real Women aren't mass-produced on a production line from a factory, they're all different and their differences make them real. Don't call Audrey or similar body types unreal because they don't look like you, or because they weigh less than a certain amount. You're not being real if you're going to exclude people over something like that -- the very thing you yourself are complaining about.
It's very sad, really. People tend to forget that when Audrey first came onto the scene, there was pretty much one body type: voluptuous. Marilyn Monroe was called "Jell-o on a spring," to put it bluntly. Girls were padding their bras and hips to try and fit in, instead of being themselves. Audrey changed style by not conforming to this and accenuating what she did have. While a few misguided girls may think that an eating disorder will make them beautiful, this should not reflect on Audrey, models, or any other woman who happens to be on the slender side. If Real Women say they shouldn't be ashamed of their weight or measurements, then so-called Unreal Women shouldn't be ashamed either. Some people are naturally more on the thin side, and just as natural voluptuousness shouldn't be held against someone, natural thinness shouldn't, either. When you mock someone as being a stick or flat-chested, you're no better than the people you claim are calling you fat and demanding you lose weight. It's cruel and the worst part of humanity when people mock each other about things like this, but you don't help the matter any by turning around and doing the exact same thing to people who just happen to be at a different spot on the spectrum.

So my point is this: Real Women accept who they are and embrace what they have, making the most of it. Physically and otherwise. Fake women are the ones who try to get everyone else to bend and conform to them, and who mock other people for looking differently. Which are you?

This rant inspired by this article (one of many)


Ankit said...

I have always felt that of all the modern heroines, Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder resemble Audrey the most... Of the two I would choose Natalie, mainly because she seems to be more talented, well read and humble. and the clincher... she is not a kleptomaniac :-)

Anonymous said...

I go with Winona, she's Audrey's legitimate heiress. Enough with her being a kleptomaniac ! She's a sweet, pure innocent girl who deserves much more from life than what you had She's so shy just like Audrey