Friday, December 01, 2006


Since it's that time of year (and since this is the only news coming in), here's two little shopping tips.

Are you planning on getting anyone Audrey Style this year, or even maybe buying it for yourself? It may cost a little more than Amazon's markdowns, but you can actually buy the book from UNICEF! It's in the For Adults section, or you can just go straight here. You can even throw in Sean's An Elegant Spirit, which is also available through the charity. If you're going to be buying some Audrey gifts anyway, it might as well help out someone in need and brighten two lives at once. :) Found through this article.

Next up, for those of you in the UK doing some shopping, HMV has drastically reduced prices on boxed set DVDs, including the price on The Audrey Hepburn Collection. Originally £49.99, it's now down to a remarkable £14.99! You can read more about it and other good deals here.

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