Friday, January 26, 2007

How to Steal a Million screengrabs!

If you've noticed that news updates here have been a little spotty lately, now you know why. I've been working hard to try and get these stinking things done! So, for the 100th post, I give you 570 screengrabs from How to Steal a Million.

And, if you haven't heard already, Audrey's co-star in the film, Peter O'Toole, was just nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award. His eighth nomination, mind you. Congratulations to Peter!

In other Audrey news, yesterday was the big Swann Galleries auction of celebrity documents and contracts. Three contracts signed by Audrey were up for grabs. While all of the buyers are kept anonymous, it seems that the Audrey documents did fetch far more than expected. Lot 150, which was a contract for Audrey to appear in, funny enough, How to Steal a Million, sold for $5,400, far over the expected range of $1,000-1,500. Lot 151 was a contract allowing Audrey to borrow a print of How to Steal a Million, and while it was expected to sell for between $600-800, it sold for $900. The last of the Audrey Hepburn lots, lot 152, was a contract allowing her to borrow a print of Two For the Road. This was expected to sell around $600-900 and ended up selling for $1,000. You can read more about the auction in general here, and you can view the selling prices of all items here.

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