Friday, January 05, 2007

Style and Substance, une nouvelle biographie, and more Funny Face

First off, another big thank you to Franklin, who has made us aware of a new French biography on Audrey. Audrey Hepburn, by Christian Dureau, was released November 9 2006, and while there doesn't seem to be very much information on it (at least on the French Amazon), it is 109 pages and available for €14,16. Judging from the author's other works, it seems like this biography is pretty barebones (the page count seems to say so, too) and wouldn't say anything new to the reader. There are also no reviews up anywhere that I can find, so it's hard to say for sure whether it's worth it. If my French were a little less rusty, I'd give it a go!

Next up, there's an excellent article on The Australian talking about style, and it talks quite a bit about Audrey and her je ne sais quoi. They also readily admit that no one has managed to come close to her effortless grace since, and there's an excellent quote that Givenchy made shortly after Audrey's death: "One thing that struck me about her, apart from her charm and elegance, was her ability to make herself loved and admired by women as well as men. Her image was unique. This is something that other great actresses have been unable to create for themselves." There is much more to the article than that quote, and I highly recommend reading it for yourself. The whole piece is here, and it starts talking about Audrey at the 10th paragraph and continues through about two-thirds of the page.

Lastly, there's another screening of Funny Face this month, this time at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. It's playing Sunday January 7 at 2pm, if you're interested and in the area. Also of interest, but not really Audrey-related, is that the Philadelphia City Institute Library is playing Pandora's Box the next day for free, so if you know a Louise Brooks fan in the area, definitely let them know! (I'm personally a Brooks fan, and we're familiar with the Louise Brooks Society, so a little co-mingling never hurt.) Thanks to for the information.


Ankit said...

Its always nice to read articles which call Paris Hilton trashy with such eloquence and contempt. People do not realize what she has given to the world. The realization and manifestation of all that is cheap and despicable in the world in one smooth swoop :).

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

I think you inadvertently pointed out another purpose of hers: the ability to revive eloquence in angry writers. :)