Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A tour of Tolochenaz

Thanks to the sharp eyes over at The Audrey Hepburn Circle (mainly those of chipmunkalvyne), a video has been found that shows off Tolochenaz, the small town in Switzerland that Audrey Hepburn called home for so many years. Actually, only the first 30 seconds of the video is directly Audrey relevant, when they visit the cemetery where Audrey is buried and view her grave, but the first minute and a half or so are nice to watch because it gives you a much better feel for the town than anything I've come across so far -- barring the photos Sean put in his book, An Elegant Spirit. It makes me want to visit even more! As an added bonus, our old friend Kendal's ceramic angel she left for Audrey is featured in the video. Look for it!

Audrey was also featured in a new software presentation for a German program that can take any photograph and morph it into an accurate three dimensional head. It's a pretty amazing video to watch, but feel free to skip to the 1:25 mark if you're just interested in seeing Audrey. The program is pretty cool to learn about, though this article from Wired wonders whether this will mean even more deceased celebrities shilling products from beyond the grave -- or worse.

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