Wednesday, May 23, 2007

local Audrey Hepburn artwork

I like to feature some handmade Audrey Hepburn artwork when I can, especially when it's made out of pure love for art -- and Audrey, of course. Yesterday I was out wandering the city when I came across a small chocolate shop called Chocolate Covered. I went in out of curiosity (and maybe the need for a good single origin chocolate bar) and stumbled across some great Audrey artwork! The owner of Chocolate Covered keeps his hands very full by not only running the shop, but by also making art tins. Half of the walls are covered with tins showcasing every major street in San Francisco, and the other half are tins with just about every celebrity you'd ever expect to find. The tins are covered with beautiful blue-tinted photographs and Japanese paper, and make for very mellow art. I found a few pictures of Audrey on the wall and left my contact information for the owner. He called back today and said that "by far, Audrey Hepburn is the bestseller" out of all his tins. I can see why! He also said that there are usually a lot more than what was up, but he's been running a little short on time lately and so his Audrey stock is depleted.

Aren't they lovely? And very reasonably priced, considering all of the handwork that goes into each tin. The prices vary from piece to piece, but the price range is from $15-25. These ship anywhere, as well, so if you're interested in any of these tins, please click the link above and call the number at the top of the page for more information (I don't like posting phone numbers here, even if they are business numbers).

An extra feature: the lady who was working at the shop that day also runs a dog rescue charity called Rocket Dog Rescue. I thought it would be nice to mention this because Audrey was a dog lover her whole life and I'm sure she would have approved of this organization and all the hard work they do to keep dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized, and to give every pet a good and loving home.

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