Friday, November 02, 2007

yet another Audrey Hepburn auction

Are you in the market for a small piece of Audrey Hepburn memorabilia, maybe one that isn't instantly recognizable? Then I may have the auction for you! Bonhams & Butterfields is having an auction in Los Angeles on December 9th full of film and animation memorabilia. One of their lots, which they are making quite a big deal about, is the inkwell from Professor Henry Higgins's desk in My Fair Lady. What's odd is that they're marketing this as Audrey Hepburn memorabilia, as opposed to tying it in with Rex Harrison, and as far as I know Audrey never even touched the thing. It's lovely, though, being Victorian-style cut glass. The press release even charmingly points out two scenes in the film where the inkwell is clearly visible. If I had ever gotten around to doing screengrabs of My Fair Lady, I could possibly find it for you, but I haven't (I'm waiting to get the two-disc special edition to screengrab).

Anyway, it's an entertaining read altogether. You can read the full press release here, and read more about the auction as a whole through the Bonhams website here. No lot information is up yet, but there are viewing times scheduled, so for any L.A. fans out there, it might be worth it to stop in and take some pictures. Oh, and the inkwell is expected to sell for $1,000-1,500.

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