Thursday, November 01, 2007

showing your inner Audrey: part one

Alright ladies, don't be shy! The costume pictures are starting to come in, and everyone looks absolutely fabulous. It's also nice to know that out of all the choices in the world, people still want to be classy and chic on Halloween. So, without further ado, here is the first batch of pictures sent in!

Here is chic Katie, who went all out with the very Holly Golightly widebrimmed hat (and white trim!), classic Wayfarers, elegant gloves, and classy pearls. Not shown: the Holly parasol and Cat! You did a great job, Katie. :)

Next up is Jordan, who said that the best part of being Holly was putting the costume together! She seems to have done very well, finding a dress from American Eagle, borrowing grandma's earrings, getting the necklace from a local flea market, and a ciggie holder from a costume shop. Proof that with a little time and perseverance, looking like Audrey can be done by anyone. Great finds, Jordan!

And here is the lovely Melissa, with a classic and always in style Little Black Dress, a pair of stylish opera gloves, a lovely triple-strand pearl necklace, and a big Holly hat. Note the large, dark glasses, showing that Melissa is a true celebrity. Great job! (I also love the little ghost towel to the right.)

Our last model for today is Bridget, who brought a little elegance to her school for Halloween (so you can ignore the school pass around her neck). The dress is très cute, perfectly matching her ladylike gloves, pearls, and -- wait, they let you smoke at school? ;)

They've all done fabulously, haven't they? There will be more costumes posted until the deadline of November tenth, so don't be shy!

Note: If you sent your picture in earlier and don't see it up here, it's because there was no written okay from you to post the picture(s) to the public. I'd rather err on the side of caution than post a picture that may make someone feel uncomfortable or unsafe, so if you just forgot to say it's okay to share your image, just write me at webmaster [at] (or use the contact button on the sidebar) and say so!


Taylor said...

They all look absolutely fabulous! Great job girls, and I can't wait for the next batch of pictures!It's just so much fun dressing up for halloween, isn't it?

blushing apples said...

they look lovely!