Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life Photographers Series: Remembering Audrey 15 Years Later

Thank you for your ongoing patience! I'm slowly but surely reinstalling all my programs to start working on the website again. I didn't realize how much junk it took to keep the site going until I lost it all. Anyway, I've been hearing a lot about this special edition Life Magazine called "Life Photographers Series: Remembering Audrey 15 Years Later." Apparently it's an entire issue of the magazine dedicated to the fabulous Audrey, and all of the pictures of her that have appeared in the magazine throughout the years. It's their January 2008 issue, so you can still get it, but if you don't live in an area with any good bookstores or just can't seem to find a copy, don't fret, because intrepid eBayers are already all over it (the link will take you directly to an eBay search for "Audrey Hepburn, Life," which brings up a lot of magazine auctions). I haven't gotten my copy yet because I've either been across town working or forced inside by monsoon-type weather, but it's not raining right now so I'm running out and getting a copy! I'll let you know more when I finally do have an issue in my hands. :)

P.S. To the three contest winners: ladies, your goodies are on their way to you! An extra big thank you for being so patient throughout this difficult, often computer-less time, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your gifts. I'm still working on the extra little gift for all of the contest entrants, I have not forgotten about all of you.


Jordan said...

that magazine sounds fabulous. I'm sounding the alarm to all of my audrey-enthused friends right now to go pick up a copy.
you are incredible for keeping this up through the loss of all of your computer programs. kudos.
and keep your eyes out for 31 days of classic oscar winning movies coming on the TCM channel from febuary first to march second. there are bound to be some great classic audrey flicks. Roman Holiday on cable! yess...<3

Taylor said...

I bought the magazine a few weeks ago-- it is wonderful!!

Roberfumi said...

Hi! Is the first time that i comment on this blog but i had visited it many times. It is a very lovely blog, a brilliant tribute to Audrey.

And for the subject of the post, i really would like to have the magazine, if it worth the money, maybe i get it.


Jordan said...

omg! i received my book today in the mail! thank you so much, its fabulous.
the posters and pictures are incredible, i can't wait to show my other friends that are great audrey fans as well,
thanks again! ill be back regularly.

Little Debbie said...

I found a copy at Target yesterday! There were only a few left, but it said "display until 4/7/08". I was so excited!

Prairie Elf said...
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Prairie Elf said...
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Jordan said...

It's Jordan again,
I finally bought the magazine and thought I would let everyone know that if you're in the mood for a good audrey-esque surprise go look up the song, "Lost in the Zoo" by Goddamn Electric Bill and listen to it ALL THE WAY through. its completely worth it.

CC said...

Hi, I just saw your blog and I can't thank you enough for making it! I've been such a big hepburn fan for the longest time and I'm so glad there's a blog dedicated to her
I have that life, I loved it =)

Anonymous said...

Having a very hard time finding a copy - have been to Borders, Barnes & Nobles, lots of other places that sell magazines, can't find it anywhere, and it's not even on LIFEs website.
Does anyone know where I can find a copy???
I live on Long Island. Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous - it is now 3 years after your post, I have just found this site, and I live in the south of England....And oh I SO want this magazine on the gorgeous Audrey - can anyone help/advise please !??
I have just found Life have done a wonderful magazine on Liz Taylor as an App for the iPad and have just bough that and it is excellent.
Life have also done an App on the Royal Wedding and Catherine and the Royal Family, and have just bought that too.
And NOW, I want this Audrey Special as an App to buy !