Sunday, March 30, 2008

hello again

I can't thank you enough for your ongoing patience with all this! My computer is fixed, I'm just waiting on acquiring Photoshop and GoLive again so I can fix pictures and webpages, but I've still being working two jobs and prepping for a move. So after the move next month, the dust should settle and we should be back to normal.

To make up for my extended absences, here's a little something for the ladies: an Audrey Hepburn 50s makeup guide, complete with an elfin Audrey look-alike model! Enjoy, and be sure to try it out on yourself sometime soon. Thick black eyeliner's back in, ya know. :)


Ankit said...

so happy to see you back again ! hopefully, things have gotten a bit less hectic and everything is working out well for that planned move !

La Reine Du Village said...

i abs LOVE audrey hepburn i couldn't possibly put together a blog about her like you have but yes----abs share your passion!!!!