Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little Audrey inspiration for you

I've been catching up with the guestbook entries, and there are so many sweet and lovely entries! I'm so glad the site makes so many people happy, helps them remember a wonderful woman, and helps newer generations discover her for themselves. While us girls may sigh once in a while, wishing we could look more like Audrey, someone by the name of Just Me has a perfect way of saying "Stay you":

Is there anyone who can compare? Angelina Jolie seems to be walking in her footsteps don’t you think? But there can never be another with the character and gentleness that is reflected in that beautiful face ... "the look" can be as she says ... "attainable" .... but not the person and not the beautiful soul within .... from suffering and pain true beauty is born .. but the really beautiful thing is to keep the faith and hope when it so much easier to just give up on people and the world in general. For the person who created this website .. thank you. For all the young ones who are inspired by her graciousness and beauty ... you are yourself beautiful.

What a divine phrase! "For all the young ones who are inspired by her graciousness and beauty ... you are yourself beautiful." By bringing a little beauty yourself into the world, you in turn become beautiful. I just thought I'd share that, since it made me so happy.

Have a loverly day!


Equipo Dash & Cash said...

Very sweet! Thanks, have a great day!

JessicaJ said...

Where is that picture from?

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

If I remember right, it was from a photo shoot done while on break from filming Paris When It Sizzles. Maybe Willoughby took the photo? I'll double check for you.

Anonymous said...


And great picture as well!

Tay Tay said...

Absolutely stunning photo. Your words brought tears to my eyes, what a marvelous phrase! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and warmth to my heart! God bless you!

desert blondie said...

Wonderful to find more Audrey fans! Just created this http://hubpages.com/hub/White-Sunglasses that features Hepburn in Two for the Road, directed by the same Stanley Donan that directed Charades.

Hannah said...

Not really related to the post at all, but a little factoid about the dress: it is from Givenchy in 1962. Audrey wore the dress in a shoot for Life Magazine that year, and Jackie saw the dress and had Oleg Cassini make a copy of it in light pink for her to wear to the opening of the Mona Lisa's visit to the National Gallery of Art. It is pretty well-known Jackie dress, but Audrey actually wore it first!

Jane said...

the picture is beautiful.
i have come to believe that NO one will ever be good enough to be considered equivalent to Audrey.
she's to angelic.
who now-a-day can we call angelic?
no one.
Audrey had a hard childhood, which made her humble.
now-a-day celebs r in love with themselves or involved in a scandal.
Audrey will forever set the bar for grace, elegance, style, and charity.

the end.