Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bob Willoughby, Audrey Hepburn: 1953-1966

Taschen is trying to kill us.

A few years ago they released Audrey Hepburn (Movie Icons), one of the best little picture books I have ever seen, and now they're at it again. This time it's a monster collection of Bob Willoughby's work with Audrey, spanning 13 years, in a gorgeous hardcover book with a Tiffany blue spine. But there's a catch: the book is limited to a run of 1,000 (with an extra 200 artist's proofs), and they're priced at a pre-order sale of $500. After September 30th, the price jumps to $700 (€500, or £450). I'm dying here. I was just saying how much I love books on Audrey, and I especially love picture books on her. But oh, even I can't justify that price! And I certainly can't afford it. Quel dommage. Who wouldn't love a book that beautiful?

If any of you are ever lucky enough to own a copy, please let us know what it's like! For now, we shall content ourselves with a virtual tour of the book, showcasing 100 pages, on Taschen's website. (Information via Amazon and Taschen, along with a lovely writeup on Wayneford's Posterous that is worth reading.)

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