Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Contest is over! Plus, new technology will make the Gap ads look like child's play

Well folks, the first Fab Audrey contest ended last night at 11:59 (to avoid semantics arguments about which midnight counts on which day). A big thank you to everyone who entered, and a heads up saying that winners will be notified sometime today.

And news is suddenly slow on Audrey, if you don't count all the repeat articles making their rounds. The only shareable thing I've found lately is an article on gossip site Defamer, talking about new technology that will make it possible to take old, possibly dead celebrities and make them act in completely new ways in new movies. So if you thought cutting and pasting Audrey from Funny Face was bad, or Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner was blasphemous, then just wait until people start to take advantage of this new technique. I can't even bring myself to cite bad examples, because they just might come true. Can you think of any future Audrey horror stories? (Okay, I'll submit one: since Jennifer Love Hewitt claims to be such a big fan [though she stopped mentioning Audrey once The Audrey Hepburn Story was in the can], imagine her helping Audrey "cross over" on Ghost Whisperer, while Audrey praises Hewitt and her ego to the sky. Is that bad enough?) Here's the full article.

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