Saturday, November 04, 2006

Harper's Bazaar scans

It turns out the drugstore up the street does carry Harper's, along with other chi-chi magazines you wouldn't expect next to trashy romance novels. I decided to flip through the November Natalie issue real quick just to see what all was in it, and I found an extra little article that no one seems to have mentioned. So I suffered and bought the magazine just to razor out the pages and scan it for everybody. Actually, it wasn't all that bad at $3.99 -- I think Mad Magazine nearly costs that now, and it's about a quarter the size of Harper's. And now you all know that I read Mad on a regular basis. Right.

First, the letter from the editor talking about Audrey, the dress, and those necklace reproductions I'd mentioned before (click any picture to view it full sized):

And next up is the full Natalie Portman article, which is actually disappointingly short, and has no other pictures than the ones we've all seen. But still, here's everything:

That's all!

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