Monday, November 13, 2006

"It's just another form of expression"

I've been thinking up a new project for the site, and hopefully tomorrow it'll be up and running. It actually would have been today, but certain programs decided to be fussy today, so tomorrow it is. (Thanks, Adobe.) Anyway, people from all over the world come and visit the site, and they seem to be a little shy about speaking up on the site, so maybe the language barrier has something to do with it. On this new page, people can talk about why they love Audrey and what makes her so special in any language they like, and it will be posted completely unedited for anyone to read, along with the author's favourite picture of Audrey. This way other visitors who may not be comfortable with English can still get the message about why Audrey is still so loved today, and maybe your words will make a new fan! So start thinking in any and all languages you know, and tomorrow will have the information you need to start sharing your thoughts.

Other than that, the contest page is now set up for the next contest. Since so many people voted in the poll, I figured the most fair way to choose a winner would be by drawing again. This contest is open to anyone in the world, as long as they can receive a package, though I must point out that the Gardens of the World special edition seems to only be out in Region 1. If that's not the case, please let me know! But if that is the case and you're not in Region 1 or don't have a Region 1 DVD player, maybe you could check your computer. Most newer models can play any region DVD, so that might be an option for you. Oh, and second prize is the new Taschen book, which actually isn't out yet, like I'd previously thought. Amazon changed their page (again), and when I checked at my local bookstore I ended up talking to the guy who orders all things Taschen and he said that they hadn't shipped yet, but they should be shipping out around the end of November. So by the time the contest is over and winners are announced and contacted, the book should be available.

On to other news! I found an article about a Givenchy designing jewelry for Sotheby's, and after some searching, I found that this Givenchy is James Givenchy, nephew to Audrey's great friend and designer Hubert de Givenchy. I guess high class talent runs in the family! To learn more about James, go here.

Next up, Liza Minelli's frog of an ex-husband, David Gest, is claiming that he was once chummy with Audrey and Sean. Apparently, he's going to be on a UK celebrity reality show, and he was bragging to a co-star about being best friends with Sean and having Audrey cook him dinner once. I'm just rolling my eyes, but you can judge for yourself here.

I got bored today and started wandering the Internet, like I always do, and found a page on the VH1 website about The Audrey Hepburn Story. There's really no information on it, but there is a trailer for the biopic on this page, and I'd never seen it before. I think I vaguely remember seeing a commercial for the special before it aired on ABC back in the day, but never a full trailer. I think it's sort of telling that the entire first half of the trailer has people talking at "Audrey," or they cut away before she opens her mouth. At just about the halfway point the trailer mentions Audrey winning an Oscar, and Jennifer Love Hewitt's first words as Audrey are, "An Ohskar, EEEEE!" It quickly goes downhill from there. If you're morbidly interested, then click here.

Speaking of, if you really really want to waste 3 hours of your life, the Women's Entertainment Channel (WE) is showing The Audrey Hepburn Story this month. You can view airtimes here, as well as seeing what better Audrey films are playing, and when.

For the last bit of news for the day, the Phoenix Art Museum just opened a new exhibit called "After Dark: 100 Years of the Evening Dress." While the article talks about Audrey and her iconic LBDs (Little Black Dresses), it's unclear on whether any actual Audrey clothing is in the display. The original article is here, and I've found a little more information (and a picture of one beautiful dress) here, at the museum's actual website. Even if Audrey memorabilia isn't included, it would still be a great exhibit and something worth seeing.

P.S. Regular reader Ankit posted this in response to the "Keats or Shelley?" post. Say it ain't so! Well, I guess now we have the answer to both questions.


Simplicity said...

I was just reading that thing about David Gest! Whether true or not (and I'm going to say probably not because he was obviously name dropping for the hell of showing off) what a blasted thing to do.

I just found this blog. Definately will check back often for more updates.

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

Yes, I just can't imagine Audrey or Sean being chummy with that man, of all people. Or Liz Taylor and the thousand other people he name-dropped. :P

And I'm glad to see you around! Thank you for commenting.