Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How to look like Holly Golightly; Audrey interview from 1990

A few days ago I got a message from askmemakeup on You Tube, telling me about a new makeup video she's done instructing women on how to get the Holly Golightly look in makeup. I watched it last night, and wow! It's really good. I've always had a difficult time with false eyelashes (maybe due to my real eyelashes -- they've been likened to giraffe eyelashes), but after watching this video I really want to try it again, and I have a good feeling I'd finally get it right. Watch for yourself, then try for yourself!

This, coupled with previous posts on how to get Holly Golightly's hair, her sleep mask, and how to be Holly Golightly, should send you well on your way to being truly obsessed.

There's another great video of Audrey up, this one found by lovely reader MaDoNnA4L. It's an interview Audrey did with Phil Donahue in 1990, and Miss M says: "It is so wonderful to see her in a light atmospehere, laughing with the audience and having fun discussing her handsome costars and her current boyfriend, Robert Wolders. It also has very touching moments where Audrey discussed her time in the war as well as her father leaving." Watch for yourself and see! All four parts are below:

If you liked these videos, and I'm almost certain you will, then please thank 1988CityRhythm for being so kind as to post these for everyone to enjoy.


Kendal said...

Ohhhh the interview videos were removed from YouTube. :-(

The Fabulous Audrey Hepburn said...

I'm going through all these archives right now and trying to fix all the broken links, etc. I'll see if someone else has the interview posted, but I know someone on YouTube asked a while ago if I had them to post.

I think from now on, whenever I see a good or rare video up I'm just going to download it myself, I'm tired of sharing great things and having them disappear two months later. Everyone should see!