Wednesday, November 14, 2007

showing your inner Audrey: part three

Okay everybody, this is the final installment (for 2007, anyway) of lovely ladies who weren't afraid to show the world their love for Audrey Hepburn on Halloween. Without further ado, here are three beauties at their Audrey Hepburn best:

Here we have the stylish Amy, who wasn't afraid to take her Audrey style out all day to work/school (sorry, I can't tell which it is). The classic Holly Golightly tiara is firmly in place, along with the chic ciggie holder, pearls, opera gloves, little black dress and kitten heels. Also note the fab oversized glasses, for slipping past those pesky guys who just can't leave a pretty girl alone. Way to rock it, Amy!

And here is the eternally stylish Courtney, hanging out at the library like Holly was wont to do when studying up on Brazil. Have you met a rich, handsome Brazilian and not told us? Courtney sports the upswept pineapple 'do Holly is famous for, along with a tiara accent and some pearls for extra class. She actually sent two pictures in, and in the other picture you can see her cute black mini dress better, but I just like how much this shot looks like Holly's classic breakfast picture. Très elegant!

And here is the fab Jennifer, who coincidentally looks an awful lot like a certain other Jennifer who played dear Audrey in The Audrey Hepburn Story. Crazy, isn't it? Jennifer rocks the towering beehive and wispy fringe Holly was famous for, along with some really fantastic jewelry. The necklace is a great replica! Let's not forget the sleek opera gloves and long gold ciggie holder, and the classic bateau neck black dress that oozes class and style. Magnificent!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these lovely ladies showing you their Audrey best as much as I did! I'm happy to see that women still admire Audrey Hepburn and love her kooky Holly Golightly as much now as they did forty years ago when Breakfast at Tiffany's was still new.

Tomorrow: contest winners will be announced!

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Lindsey said...

Amy, you look lovely, just like the great Audrey. Out of curiosity's sake, where did you get your shoes? I've been looking for a pair just like them for ages.